Extended Vision Test

If you suspect a poor binocular vision, the vision should be thoroughly examined by a TrainYourEyes optometrist, who performs an extended vision test. Here your visual therapist compares the subjective problems with the objective results using a range of esteemed vision tests with international standard values. This is done to be sure that visual therapy must be initiated.

Here is an Example of a Visual Training Program

Thorough examination of Vision and Binocular Vision

The process starts with the clarification on whether, problems with vision and binocular vision are the cause of your binocular vision problems. It is not enough to ascertain, whether you see the letters on the board. For among other things, the reading proficiency is at least as important to examine, to see if the eyes are working well enough together, as well how the rest of the body works in relation to this. Children below 10 years are referred to an ophthalmologist.

Estimation of an Individual Visual Therapy program and Training

After the thorough visual examination, the optometrist is able to estimate, if is relevant with a TrainYourEyes course. If so, this could tell approx. how long, it will take, as well as how much it costs. After that an individual training program, with both physical and online exercises designed as games, is calculated. It is necessary to train approx. 20 minutes every day. It can be tough, so it is important to be motivated.


Every two to three weeks you will be checked by your TrainYourEyes-optometrist, where the training is evaluated and continuously adjusted. With the TrainYourEyes-training several visual functions are trained in parallel, and the difficulty is increased with new exercises. When you train the recommended 20 minutes a day, the results often appear quickly-the more intensive and disciplined you train, the quicker you finish the training course. Typically, a trainings course consists of 6-12 checks depending on the scope.

Final check

After approx. 4-8 months of training the last exercise of the training program is completed. The initial thorough examination of vision and binocular vision is repeated to register both the subjective as well as the objective improvements. When the binocular vision has been trained with the help of TrainYourEyes, it will typically not worsen again, unless one is unlucky and gets for example, a concussion or similar.

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