Binocular problems in Students and Adults

Symptoms of binocular problems in adolescents and adults are often enhanced by prolonged work in front of the computer.

Our visual world with exactly computers, iPad, cell phones and TV sets even greater demands on vision, and most people are occupied with screen work in everyday life. The great strain on vision does, for some people, result in an evil circle, where by tiring the eyes by close-up work, the vision worsens, and in this way one has to strain the eyes even more. Binocular vision problems as headache, reading problems and discomfort can be the result.

It is never too late to have your eyes checked for binocular problems, as the training of these problems can improve the quality of life markedly.

Symptoms of Binocular Vision Problems in Adolescents and Adults

Reading and Screen Work
  • Is only able to read for a short while and blinks a lot while reading/ screen
  • Reads too slowly- the text may blur
  • Difficulty in following the subtitles on TV
  • Has to use the finger to keep track of the text
  • The letters have shadows or appear double
  • When you read, you can hear your own voice read aloud, even though you are reading to yourself
  • Difficulty in concentrating when placed in an open office space
Physical Discomfort when concentrating or by reading
  • Tired eyes, rubs them
  • Headache, dizziness, balance problems and nausea
  • Difficulty in concentrating, often forgets, what is read
Visual Problems
  • When then vision is adjusted from one distance to another, it takes a while, before the image is sharp
  • There is a big difference, between the way the eyes see
  • Difficulty in focusing and in adjusting
  • Difficulty in orientation or distance estimation. E.g. in the traffic

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