Binocular Vision Problems in Athletes

Do you have problems catching the ball, or is your distance estimation not quite at the top, or do you not place yourself correctly on the field? All these problems can be due to the binocular vision, which prevents you from reaching your full potential.

Sports vision is TrainYourEyes training, that is specifically addressed to athletes and is used internationally by elite athletes, among others Team Denmark. Leisure athletes might have just as much benefit of the training to fully exploit their potential .It is essential ,that the vision is optimal especially in sports as handball, badminton, tennis, golf, football, motorsport, shooting, skiing etc.

Symptoms of Binocular Vision Problems in Sport

The distance estimation is not quite at the top
  • Too many error passings - they are too imprecise
  • Has a weak side/ blind angle
  • Estimates distances too short-reacts too quickly
  • Estimates distances far away-reacts too slowly
  • You often repeat your errors
  • Problems with timing
  • Difficulty by changing light
Visual Challenges
  • Headache/ tired eyes
  • Reduced overview
  • Difficulty in placing yourself correctly
  • You have too fluctuating performances
  • ery reduced endurance and overview by late matches versus early matches
Visually slightly on the rear Edge
  • Difficulty in remembering tactics quickly and visual
  • Problems imagining forward in the game-``read the game``
  • Difficulty in reading the opponent`s next move
  • Is only ``sharp`` for 10-20 minutes at a time
  • Low ability of concentrating- easy to distract

TrainYourEyes Sportsvision training

TrainYourEyes has been working with more than 1500 top athletics in Denmark, Norway, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Top athletics from 30 different sports as well as of both genders. In Denmark TrainYourEyes has since 2001 cooperated with the national teams within, among others, handball, golf, hockey, archery, badminton and ping pong as well as other elite athletics belonging to Team Denmark.

TrainYourEyes training involves working on coordination of the muscles, fixation and eye focusing. Sports vision involves the following specific areas and trains at a very high level:

  • Coordination between eye and/foot
  • The eye`s ability to hit a point exactly
  • The ability to focus objects at high speed
  • The balance
  • Distance estimation and the peripheral vision
  • The adaptability from near to far away and vice versa
  • Endurance-concentration
  • The ability to visualize

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