Binocular vision problems in schoolchildren

If you as a parent, friend or teacher experience that, a child is struggling with reading problems, slow reading speed, or the child is only able to read for a short period of time, the reason might be problems with the binocular vision. The vision can be the main course of reduced reading ability and/or learning disability in general.

With the help of targeted visual therapy it is possible to make the different components of vision to collaborate better together, thereby increasing the reading speed, the reading skills usually get better, and the child will at the same time become better at sports.

Symptoms of binocular vision problems in schoolchildren

Problems when reading
  • Is only able to read a short while at a time and blinks very much, when reading
  • Reads slowly and cannot keep up with the subtitles on TV
  • Has to use a finger to keep track of the text
  • It is/was difficult to “brake” the reading code
  • Skips words or endings and has difficulty in knowing the difference between b and d
  • The letters have shadows or are double
  • The vision is blurred, when changing from book to blackboard
  • Difficulty in remembering reading it
Physical discomfort:
  • Tired eyes, rubs them
  • Headache, dizziness, problems with balancing and travel sickness
  • Difficulty concentrating, sits uneasy and slides on the chair
Motor challenges
  • Is not very happy with ball games and has a hard time catching the ball
  • Clumsy and can often roll over or knock into things

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