Traumatic Brain Injury can lead to Disorder of Vision and Binocular Problems

Do you or one of your relatives have an traumatic brain injury, like concussion, whiplash, stroke etc.? It could be a bike accident, a fall down the staircase or a traffic accident. If so, be aware of any visual disturbances and headache due to the vision. A traumatic brain injury can cause major binocular vision problems

The vision has many complicated connections all over the brain, why even imminent minor injuries can affect vision and binocular vision. The injuries might be “visible” as a squint or a missing visual field or “invisible” as uncoordinated eye movements, eyes which no more are able to turn inwards or problems with the so called vestibular-ocular system ( balance-eye muscle cooperation).

Quite often the “visible” problems only are discovered. Therefore, it is essential with a full investigation of the vision. Up to 60% of the patients with traumatic brain injury do have affected vision.

Binocular Vision Problems and Visual Disturbances Caused by Traumatic Brain Injury

There is a row of symptoms, which can be an indication of the “invisible” visual problems or visual disturbances:

Visual Challenges
  • Double vision, perhaps as shadows on the letters
  • Missing visual field
  • Dizziness shifting the focus
  • Difficulty in focusing and at the same time moving around
Problems when reading
  • Is only able to read for a short period of time-especially on a screen
  • The text appears unclear or blurs
  • The eyes jump around the text or lines are read again
  • Problems following the subtitles on TV
  • Difficulty remembering what was read
  • Reduced reading speed
Physical Discomfort
  • Headache even by reading for a short while
  • Tiredness, irritated eyes and a lot of blinking
  • Dizziness, nausea, motion sickness
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Becomes dizzy with fast-paced movies, e.g. action films
  • Feels uncomfortable around places with many visual impressions moving (e.g. a Mall)
Motor Challenges
  • Reduced distance estimation, when pouring water in a glass, in the traffic etc.
  • Problems estimating distances, when descending the staircase
  • Problems balancing
  • Difficulty in orientation

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