Do you want to offer Visual Therapy?

Binocular vision problems are quite common. Around 20% of children and adults have these problems to a greater or lesser extent. It is people, you certainly meet in your daily life while shopping and in your private life.

TrainYourEyes is a total visual therapy concept for optometrists and ophthalmologists, who can thus offer a professional and elaborate concept. Work is ongoing on using research-based test and training methods as far as possible. In addition, it is possible to use TrainYourEyes` large database with both scientific articles and press reports on the subject.

TrainYourEyes helps with:


We are dristibutors of, among others, Bernell, Optomatters, VTE-products as well as the ones we produce ourselves.Read more here


All affiliated professionals are free to call and email TYE, who assist with counseling. In addition, there is the opportunity to be a spectator at experienced visual therapists.

Training Program

User-friendly online training program with more than 40 exercises based on more than 20 years experience with 10.000 customers.

Visual Therapy Parcel

The primary training equipment for each exercise program is minimized to a practical bag with the necessary products.


As an optometrist or ophthalmologist the education as a visual therapist begins with a 3-days intensive course. In. addition, there are continuous 1-day courses. p>

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