TrainYourEyes invites to a 3 days courses about visual therapy in Denmark. After this, your shop/clinic is ready to start visual therapy with TrainYourEyes as the optical tool, which ensures a high professional level for both clinic and patient.

Of course, the overall project includes very professional and efficient support- so your hand is held during the start-up phase and later. The course is for beginners as well as for participants, who wish to refresh their knowledge and the latest research in the area.

Theory and workshop

The course is a mixture of theory and workshop with the overall purpose of teaching the participants, what the various components of vision are, how you do the tests and which exercises, you use.

All the participants in the courses therefore try all the tests and exercises on themselves and each other. This way the participants leave the course with a clear impression of, how the binocular vision is examined and trained.

After the course, the participants are therefore ready to begin testing and training the binocular vision.


To give the participants understanding of and insight into, what binocular vision and visual therapy is, which components the binocular vision consists of, how it is examined and trained. The course is a combination of theoretical review and workshop, where the participants try all the tests and exercises themselves.


A 4 days course is compressed into a 3 days intensive course

The development of vision

Relevance for both normal refraction and for the visual therapy.


Theory, test and training of eye movements, convergence, fixation, fusion reserves and accommodation – inclusive the newest research in the field.


Theory, research, test and training of orientation sense, body awareness and eye-hand coordination.


Theory, research, test and training of labyrinthine/vestibular sense, tactile sense and kinesthetic sense.


Theory, research, test and training of the primitive reflexes.


Use of the website, check-ups, who can/cannot be offered visual therapy, practical information etc.

Day 1 – Binocular vision

  • Introduction of TrainYourEyes, the participants and visual therapy
  • The development of vision
  • Anamnesis
  • Eye movements, testing and training
  • Lunch
  • Convergence near point, testing and training
  • Fixation, testing and training
  • Fusion reserves, testing and training
  • Accommodation, testing and training

Day 2 – Coordination and balance

  • Perform the training program on www.TrainYourEyes.com
  • Try the screen exercises
  • Orientation- and localization ability, testing and training
  • Lunch
  • Body awareness, testing and training
  • Eye-hand/foot coordination, testing and training
  • Balance
  • Labyrinthine sense (vestibular sense), testing and training
  • Tactile sense, testing and training
  • Kinesthetic sense (proprioceptive), testing and training

Day 3 - Primitive reflexes and summary

  • Primitive reflexes related to vision
  • Relevance for both refraction and visual therapy
  • Testing and training
  • Summary
  • Which clients do you offer/ do not offer visual therapy?
  • Motivation of the clients
  • A potential visual therapy client enters the shop/ clinics- what do you do?
  • Practical information
  • Lunch
  • Summary – continued, inclusive implementation of thorough binocular vision examination performed by the participants and the position taken for training
  • Overview


To optimize the outcome for you, the maximum is 7 optometrists.


23. – 25. of October 2020, Vejle, Denmark (30 minutes from Billund Airport).


The course is held in English with English books and hand-outs. Neuro-optometrist Maria Beadle is the lecturer. She is the owner of TrainYourEyes and with 25 years of experience with VT with both children, adults, top-athletes and TBI patients she is both well-skilled and used to teach.


The 3 day-course: 995 Euro

The 3 day-course and 3 months of TYE-membership: 1.295 Euro

The price is inclusive course materials, textbooks, lunch, coffee/tea.

Overnight stay: Single room: 477 Euro. The price includes overnight stay and breakfast from Friday to Sunday and dinner Friday to Saturday evening.

Course registration

If you have questions or want to register for the 3-day course, please contact us at: Info@TrainYourEyes.com